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Equipment Maintenance

Arizona is an agent and distributor of a number of high quality equipment manufacturers (both local and international)

Arizona offers its clients BMU and temporary cradle maintenance services with respect to all equipment (including those not supplied by us).  We have a qualified team as well as a large pool of parts on hand.

Our equipment maintenance services are tailored to your needs and performed in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Qualified team and quality service:

Our team has in depth experience and knowledge of such equipment. All equipment maintenance services are conducted in line with our quality control processes.

 Timely manner:
Services are undertaken within a timely manner to ensure as little interruption to your business as possible.

Cost effective:
They are cost effective solutions aimed at maximizing safety and the life of the equipment while reducing equipment downtime.

Tailored to your needs:
We understand that each business is different.  This is why we offer a variety of services.  Our services are tailored to your individual business needs.

 Services include:


  •  One – off contracts: these contracts refer to specific equipment and are performed within the parameters requested by the client.  Our service includes inspection of the equipment followed by any identified and approved maintenance and repair work.
  • Contracts on a project-by-project basis:  these contracts are specific to a project.  Services are performed within the terms requested by the client.  Such terms may include the number of professionals required, number of hours performed, role description etc.  Such contracts ensure high standards of safety and prevent large delays or interruption on major projects.  The terms set by the client allow the service to be provided in a cost effective and controlled manner.
  • Monthly contracts: like the project by project contracts the monthly contracts allow for specific services to be performed in a controlled manner.  However, such contracts may be more appropriate on smaller projects or where specific cost structures are in place.
  • Annual contracts:   these contracts offer a costs effective solution to meeting your safety and quality control requirements.    Annual contracts can be established on terms specific to your business requirements.  Such contracts may be appropriate where all equipment maintenance services are to be outsourced.  Such contracts can incorporate specific maintenance terms including the number of professionals, hours to be performed, reporting standards and repair undertaken.  Such contracts can prevent large delays or interruption to the use of equipment and maximize equipment safety and lifetime.
  • Training: we may also offer equipment maintenance service training to your team.
  • Spare parts: we have a network of equipment manufactures in addition to the equipment we manufacture ourselves.  As such, we have the ability to provide spare parts in a timely and cost effective manner.